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I also have major problems sleeping, and I have been taking night sedation for many years – problem is, your body gets used to them so they stop really working, although it does help me to get off to sleep, but only get about two hours at the most. Have tried a number of herbal/holistic remedies, but they don’t work for me. I know how it feels to be exhausted every day, particularly as I suffer from tourette syndrome very badly. The tics cause constant jerks and movements, and it’s literally like doing workouts 24×7. I also take medication for my condition – have had it nearly 30 years – onset at 28 years, so it’s been a long haul, and still is.


The past few months my sleep patterns have been awful as ive struggled to sleep, which of course makes during the days harder as im nearly always tired. I believe its generally down to my anxiety problems as on more than a few occasions ill wake up in sweats and sometimes fast breathing and general worry. Which was one of the main reasons i went onto beta blockers to help with it.

Perhaps if i actually had a good block of sleep everything might get better, i did get given sleeping tablets by the doctor but ive only taken them very infrequently. They kind of worked but they also make you feel very strange when you wake up much like having a haze over your head, which i guess is one of the ways it encourages you to sleep as it doesnt directly knock you out.

Im hoping as i…

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Hi Everyone,

 I am hoping to connect with fellow ‘anxiety’ sufferers.  By exchanging problems that we all face in difficult times, it can often ease the load, and help us move forward.

We often find ourselves in stressful situations due to our lifestyle, personal attachments, bereavement – even problems related through work.